Another Way Film Festival, the referential festival about sustainable development that takes place from the 24th to the 27th of October in Madrid has announced the program of its fifth edition.

Another Way Film Festival, the referential festival about sustainable development that takes place from the 24th to the 27th of October in Madrid has announced the program of its fifth edition. It will do so under the motto “sometimes a generation has to make history”. The festival will take place in the Cineteca Madrid like in previous editions, and will extend its offices to the Filmoteca Española and Sala Equis for the first time.



27 documentaries will be screened during the festival, 19 of which will enter the competition. It will include a world premiere (The Village ant the Wildfire), 9 national premieres (Ghost Fleet, Modern Shepherdess, Après Demain, The Human Element, Breathless, The Chocolate Case, The Dispossessed, Metamorphosis, y Nuclear Neighbour) and 9 premieres in Madrid (When Tomatoes Meet Wagner, Island of the Hungry Ghosts, Welcome to Sodom, Sanctuary, Eating Animals, Genesis 2.0, The Price of Progress, Piripkura, y The Last Animals).

“With this year’s program, we are looking more than ever for a reaction, a compromise, a critique, a civilian activation”, states Marta Garcia Larriu, director of the festival. “We have selected a bold, risky and avant-garde program that will be accompanied by parallel activities that help raise awareness and strengthen our society to face the environmental crisis”.

With the purpose of generating a space of interaction and critical thought, the screenings will include talks about sustainability with experts from across various environmental disciplines. These will be announced in the following days, as well as the participation of related institutions and organisms.

Additionally, seven documentaries will be screened in the Section “Impacto” based on obscure yet crucial topics for sustainability and environment. For instance, the reality hidden beneath the lethal industry of asbestos, the fight of the last three members of an indigenous town to maintain their territory or the current situation of impoverished farmers around the globe challenged by global industrial agriculture.

As a novelty, the festival incorporates fiction cinema in two new non-competitive sections: Produced in Green, a selection of current movies produced with sustainable practices; and Origins, which screens classic and cult movies where concerns about environment and sustainability were already incipient.

The jury of this fifth edition will be composed of Jaime Alejandre, General Subdirector of promotion and international relations of the ICAA; Sara Simarro, Agent of directors, screenwriters and composers for Alter Ego Talent House; Fabrizia Palazzo, Executive of international sells in Latido Films.


Fridays For Another Future will take place on Friday the 25th of October. The event will include a free screening aimed at institutes, schools and universities. It will take place in 29 cinemas and cultural spaces across 12 cities: Madrid, Badajoz, Bilbao, Burgos, Cadiz, Cordoba, Fuengirola (Malaga), Pamplona, Salamanca, Sevilla, Toledo and Vigo.

The event will take place alongside Fridays for Future, the global student movement that demands measures of prevention against climate change through the action of citizens. Each screening will be accompanied by a conversation after the screening between the audience and members of youth for climate (Fridays for Future in Spain). In addition, during the sessions of Cineteca and La Casa Encendida there will be an atelier of activism leaded by Greenpeace.

Fridays for Another Future counts with the support of Teachers for Future Spain and the social network of #cineyeducacion of Cero en Conducta

The screening premiered in Madrid, will be Youth Unstoppable, directed by Slater Jewell-Kemker (Canada, 2018). The movie captures the vibrant story of how young people around the world are leading a fight against the climate emergency with the motive of saving the planet and their own future.

To attend either individually or in group, prior registration is mandatory through this link.


The fifth edition of Another Way Film Festival will be convened with the support of the City Hall of Madrid and the following sponsors: Signus, Ciudad de Madrid Film Office, SEO Birdlife, Fairtrade, El Gatoverde, Bodegas Pinoso, Flip&Flip, the Embassy of Canada and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

The following collaborators will join us for this event: Fiction Changing the World, Fridays for Future Madrid, Greenpeace, Secret Yoga Club, the Centre for conflict transformation (Centro de transformación del conflicto), Mariela Mugnani, Cervantes & company, Sannas, Papawanda, Método Tándem, TejeRedes, La Piscifactoría, ZinemaXR, Bio c’ Bon, Mummons, Filmoteca Española, Cineteca, Matadero Madrid, La Casa Encendida, Institut Français, Cine/Sur, mk2, Filmin, WWF and Docma

Collaborating media include: EFE Verde, Ethic, El Palomitrón, Anoche tuve un sueño, Ciudad sostenible, Corresponsables, Yorokobu, M21 Radio, Blog SOStenible y FilmAnd.

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