Familias, niño tocando una lampara en una habitación roja

We’ve been waiting this for six months. Our new project of a short film will come true next weekend. Beware because Helsinki Films and El Gatoverde Productions are about to intonate: ¡Shooting!


The month of July had just started when the script of Familias was presented to us by a frequent collaborator of this production company: Helsinki Films. It quickly gave us Goosebumps and the heart of El Gatoverde started to bomb faster and stronger. Little time after we got to meet Sara Bamba and Ivan Martin Ruedas, from Helsinki Films, the creators of this wonderful script. From that moment onwards our sleep broke until we managed to coordinate all the elements necessary to start shooting Familias next Friday, the 8th of November.

We know that this documentary has a lot from Sara and Ivan, but mostly, it has a lot from the patience of Julie, their daughter, her look at the world, her experiences and basically from what kids tell us with their words, games and gestures; things that we are not always able to fully appreciate during our lives, that come and go at a vertiginous speed.



How many times have you thought about the way in which you talk in front of your kids? Do you know the content to which they are addicted to on a daily base on their phones? The role that your daughter always takes- is it really a game of kids?

We are increasingly unaware of the consequences that the actual shape of relationships has on kids. The intense workdays and the rush to get everything done on time puts us in a perpetual state of anxiety that weakens our capacity to maintain relationships based on respect, patience or consideration towards children. In many occasions, it can even cross the border from a normal to a violent behaviour in the matter of seconds.

“Familias” wants place the focus of attention on ourselves: our daily behaviours, the way in which we talk and act, that is so damaging for the life of our kids- whether we are aware of it or not. With excessive tolerance from our side, gratuitous violence is a constant in the daily lives of minors in any culture, religion and social state.


We are convinced that we can change this situation, we only need to stop and look at it.

Lights, camera and…. ¡SHOOTING!

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