Our team

Mariano Baratech / Direction

Mariano warned a couple of times anyone that was there to listen: “One day I will make a movie”, and so he did. The movie is called Julie, and after finishing it, he wanted more. That’s why he decided to invest time and money in growing El Gatoverde. Half a humanist, half an engineer; a weird mix, almost as if from a lab. A “doer” with principles, an activist that loves cinema.
There are not enough lines to describe the amount of business projects that he has boosted to date in diverse fields, such as in the training sector, consultancy, client experience, housing or book publishing. Now he wants to employ his time and energy in one of his biggest passions: film. But not at any cost, he is hopeful that a more sustainable and charitable world can be achieved by making movies.

His favourite movies are Novecento, Dr Zhivago and Ran. Classic cinema, transcendental and touching, films that can’t leave you unmoved. It couldn’t be any other way for someone like him.

Cristina Escobar Arroyo, Production Director

Cristina Escobar / Production

Cris is a contradiction in herself: she is uncontrollable yet the one in charge of management control. She is passionate yet the one to stop the adventures of El Gatoverde. Although she explores her multiple artistic potentials; she withdraws from the creation of the script. She is the ying and yang of our production company.

Cris gives glamour to the financial part of the company with such naturality. However, she doesn’t only employ herself in that: she is a box full of surprises that can design a dossier whilst applying to an open call and calculating a budget. Surrealist as Amanece que no es poco, overwhelming as Pulp Fiction and tender as Life is Beautiful. She is a jewel.

Paco Romero / Projects

He would have never imagined when he decided to study screenwriting for two years in the ateliers of Fuentetaja, that those years would lead him to create Coocrea and later to collaborate with El Gatoverde. His biggest strengths are as follow: he knows how to read a script and he is honest with feedbacks. This is what keeps him awake and always learning about his beautiful job. As a good Gemini, there are two Pacos; the formal one believes in the religion of storytelling and thinks that the perfect movie is The Third Man. The other Paco, however, wants to be pushed out of his comfort zone, and thinks that Vertigo is in fact the best movie, a movie that completely breaks with narrative orthodoxy. Of course, any of the movies coming out of the sinister imaginary of David Lynch would please the latter Paco.

Esther del Pozo, control de gestión

Esther del Pozo / Administration

Discreet as she is, she wouldn’t even have included herself in this page of the website. She is the invisible part that makes El Gatoverde work, alongside many other projects in which she is in charge of management and administration.

The list of adjectives to describe her is endless: efficient, smart, dedicated, constant, loyal, kind, reliable… Of course, she would say that all of these are exaggerations, but don’t you believe her!
She is a super hero, that’s why she would love to be part of the Avengers; but most of all she is a very emotional person that is moved by “you’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story or “Oh captain, my captain” from the Club of dead poets.

Collaborators / Partners


Arturo suffered from amnesia and completely forgot about his degree in Law from one day to the other, a bit like the main character in Paris Texas. Since 2000 he hasn’t stopped writing, literally, he is always writing, he has no pause. Well, sometimes he does stop. For instance, to offer us genuine and well directed movies such as “El Destierro”. He loves the plot of the story more than endings and draws his characters along the scale of greys that range from good to bad and vice versa, as in LA Confidential. Mainly he tries to find the human side to dramas, because he knows that all of us, at some point in our lives, have been waiting pointlessly at a theatre door for Shirley Maclaine to appear.

Juan Ramón Ruiz de Somavía / SCREENWRITER

Screenwriter and teacher at the Master’s Degree in Film and TV studies at the University Carlos III.
Films: Azahar, Neckan, Ozzy, Muertos de amor...
TV Series: Atrapada, Ella es tu padre, El hombre de tu vida, BuenAgente, La gira, Aída, 7 vidas...

Perfil de Jaime Bartolomé

Jaime Bartolomé Rodríguez / SCREENWRITER

Passionate about cinema and telling stories since his teens, Jaime Bartolomé was lucky to study screenwriting and film direction at The Los Angeles Film School under a Fulbright scholarship and, since then, he has worked in the audiovisual sector as a freelance.
Winner of the 2011 MUCES Award for the best feature film script for "Incidencias" (feature film directed by José Corbacho and Juan Cruz), alternates his facets as a scriptwriter, comedian, teacher and improviser but always with the same obsession: to count things so that the public ended with a smile from ear to ear.

Foto de Sandra Besadón sentada sonriente, responsable de comunicación institucional y traducción

Sandra Bensadon / Institutional Communication and Translator

Since many years, Sandra has been elegantly walking around in the film industry. She started in production with the Catalan film director and screenwriter Bigas Luna. This work was surely a privilege for her, but also a real present for the director, who loved foreseeing talent in his team, and Sandra was full of genius.

Press then knocked at her door and she decided to open. She stayed in the film industry but started to focus more in promotion and on managing the press of many movies and film festivals. She then became the Head of Press of film festivals: Seminci. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend the festival, you may have been able to appreciate her permanent smile and the tranquillity with which she receives everyone, making them feel like home.

As a good Aquarius, she loves rhythm and novelty. She is now collaborating with us: El Gatoverde, by helping us find international coproduction to our projects. We are sure she will blow our minds with some stellar moments as she did with Bigas Luna. We are really lucky to have her.

Nedda Soriano Digital & Social Media Specialist

Nedda Soriano / Digital & Social Media Specialist

Nedda is passionate and committed to her work, as well as to her colleagues.
Her most significant skills are observation and active listening, both in a personal and a professional level, and she will always answer with a smile in her face and a soothing voice.
You will never regret betting on her analytical skills and her great professional experience in the creation of strategies and digital content, it’s always a pleasure having her around.

In her youth, she would have wished Richard brings her flowers through the fire escape from his cabriolet, but she could not keep waiting for him. Today, all these “Big little lies” almost turned her into another “Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown”, but she woke up after “The Good Wife”, for “The Handmaid’s Tale” never to occur.

Alba Temiiño Quiroga Production Assistant

Alba Temiño Quiroga / Producción Assistant

Behind the camera, capturing what no one notices, or behind a screen, putting together the shots of numerous films and series, like The Lord of the Rings’ new saga, there you will find her, with a smile in her beautiful ‘big girl’ face. Alba’s double degree in audio-visual communication and journalism falls short of reflecting all that life has shown her so early.
Because there still are “Inglorious Basterds” robbing us, taking us for real “suckers” (“Cousinhood” in Spanish). Because she is not only passionate about the film “Stay by my side” (“Stepmom”); it is her war cry to anyone that dares stealing a piece of her family. Because the magic of “Harry Potter” is only for beginners compared to what this young woman achieves with her effort, attitude and talent, in whatever project falls into her hands.
For her, the title ‘production assistant’ falls so short as would Darth Vader’s cape on Chewbacca’s back.