Project in development

Largometraje de animación El Sueño de la Sultana

The dream of the Sultana


2020. Looking for funds. ESP, ALE, POR, ITA.

Animated Feature Film. 2D Technique and Mix. 82 minutes.

Produced by: El Gatoverde, Abano Producións, Sultana Film, Uniko, Vamos Animation (ALE), Sparkle (POR) y Stemo (ITA).

Director: Isabel Herguera

Script: Isabel Herguera y Gianmarco Serra

Music: Gianmarco Serra


Ines is a Spanish animation film director who casually discovered an intriguing feminist science fiction story written in Bengali in 1905: Sultana’s dream. Fascinated by the story and it’s author: Rokeya Hossein; Ines traveled to India with the purpose of carrying out a film adaptation of the story. During the process, Ines got to really understand the meaning of the utopia Rokeya proposes: to remind man and woman that freedom isn’t really a right but something that needs to be conquered. The movie is inspired in the experiences and personal diaries of the director Isabel Herguera.

Familias, niño tocando una lampara en una habitación roja



Ending  project : 2020 April

Financing: Comunidad de Madrid y Crowdfunding

Short film: 13″

Produced by: El Gatoverde  y Helsinki Films

Direction: Sara Bamba e Ivan Martin Ruedas

Script: Ivan Martin Ruedas y Sara Bamba


Childhood is a falsely mythified stage of life. There are situations that can break that idyllic halo of absolute happiness. This short film tries to give voice to a message as important as real and transcendent: to denounce the violence exerted on children. An invisible reality that we need to stop silencing.