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Proyecto Tánger, serie de ficción




Fiction Movie.

Genres: Thriller. History

Season: 8 CHAPTER. 50″.



1953. Martin is sent on a secret mission to Tangier to locate an illegal cargo evaded from the Spanish army barracks. In the eyes of the people, he will be a successful businessman who comes to do business in Tangier. He will have to learn to move around a city that for him is decadent and morbid, and that brings together bohemian artists from around the world, intellectuals, smugglers, political refugees from various countries, highly sought after criminals and dangerous Moroccan independence. Anna will be your guide, a French survivor who tries to protect her little daughter at all costs while shipwrecked in a turbulent marriage with an American musician who once saved her, but who today drags her in her fall. Although Martin and Anna come from different worlds, they will be condemned to understand each other and work together

Film Barriers Poster EN



Barriers are built or destroyed, never transformed.

Film. Dramatic comedy. 100″.

Script : Jaime Bartolomé y Paco Romero


Anita, a Swedish executive, is commissioned by her boss Magnussonto make a quick deal to merge two Spanish companies, for his multinational Oceanclinicto absorb them.

The plan is simple. After getting the owners of both companies to sign a pre-agreement, there is only left for the managers to elaborate a viability plan that specifies staffing adjustments, the new organization and the location of the new central headquarters. Anita has done that many times before; she speaks fluent Spanish and has a 100% success rate of signed agreements. She will fly to Spain, close the deal and come back on time to get married to Ingrid.

This looks like a perfect plan, but there is a small problem: one of the companies is from Madrid and the other one from Catalonia. Or rather: one is extremely Catalan and the other one extremely Madrilenian.

Poster Evasión En



2020. Looking for funds.

Feature film. Thriller. 95 minutes.

Script and Direction: Arturo Ruiz Serrano.


During the spring of 1948, in one of the hardest periods of post-war era, the biggest and most impressive fugue of the century took place. Twelve young boys, armed only with their wit and sacrifice, excavated for a hundred and two days a long and narrow tunnel that led them to the exterior, where a bigger challenge was waiting for them. They had to cross the peninsula to reach the long-awaited freedom on the other side of the Pyrenees. For that they had to face the most dangerous enemy of all: their companions.