Proyecto Tánger, serie de ficción

Tangier, a city that lives the present as if future didn’t exist.




A convoy with chemical weapons disappears in 1953 from the Spanish army Barracks of Tetouan. Meanwhile, in Madrid they suspect it can end up in the hands

of Moroccan independence groups to infringe upon French interests in a very delicate moment for the international recognition of Franco’s regime.

Martin is sent to Tangier with the secret mission of finding the shipment. Before everyone’s eyes he will act as a successful businessman who came to Tangier to do some work. He will have to learn how to move in a city that he finds decaying and morbid, a city that brings together bohemian artists from all over the world, intellectuals, smugglers, political refugees from different countries, wanted criminals and dangerous independentists from Morocco. Anna will be his guide, a French survivor who’s trying to protect her young daughter whilst her marriage with a north American musician sinks and the man that had once saved her tries to drag her as he falls. Although Martin and Ana come from different worlds, they will have to get along and work together.

Administrated by eight different foreign powers, including Spain, France and the USA; Tangier is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world. Nest for spies and shelter for exiles and immigrants, Tangier is the authentic “Casablanca” of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. His economic privileges have favored, after the explosion of World War II, the entrance of big fortunes from all over the world.

Everything is within reach: smuggling, drugs, forbidden books, casinos, nightclubs, etc. places where people exhibit their desires freely. Tangier is a city that has many rhythms: a pace during the day, another at night, one for each nationality, class, culture or religion.

A city that attracts big personalities from that period such as the multimillionaire Barbara Hutton, but also movie stars and writers from the Beat Generation, like Bowles, Capote or Burroughs.